Principe1Vertical cooking: general principles

The firebox is made of two parallel grids and a bottom grid. In a sectional view, it has a “U” shape (a). A wood or charcoal fire is lit in the firebox. The vertical configuration allows a very intensive combustion because of the upward air convection draught (f) which appears rapidly and activates combustion. As a result, a “wall of embers” is formed (b). In addition to the hot air which is produced and evacuated upwardly, the embers (or the flames if they appear) that have been formed produce an infra red radiation (g) which is emitted in all directions, including horizontally. The food is essentially grilled by being submitted to such infra red radiation (g).

The foodstuff (d) is set vertically and parallel to the fire box between two grids or in a cage grill (c).

The fats included in the foodstuff drain off downwards and are collected in a container (e). The fats thus never come in contact with the embers.

The ashes are collected in an ash tray (h).



Some important elements of the barbecue Verticook®



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