The barbecue Verticook does not take up a lot of room.
It can easily be stored against a wall: 24 cm are enough!

Indoor storage of a conventional barbecue is usually not very easy, in particular if its capacity is large because the storage room which is required is directly proportional to the cooking surface.

This rule does not apply to the barbecue Verticook®:

Such handling is easy and requires no tool. The ground space required for storage of the Verticook® is very small. Against a wall, it will only use 24 cm in width. It can conveniently be stored in the garage beside the car.

When unfolded, the barbecue Verticook® can be moved around very easily thanks to its wooden handle and two wheels (15 cm diameter).

Barbecue dimensions

Dimensions (cm) length width height
In the box 26 36 95
In operation 72 78 122
Folded 24 78 132


Fire box dimensions

Height :         32,0 cm

Length :       53,5 cm

Depth:        7,0 cm

Volume : 12 Litres

Quantity of charcoal needed to fill the fire box : 3,0 –to 3,3 Kg (depending on its density).

Lighting chamber dimensions

Dripping pans dimensions