planificationPlan the timing of the cooking phase

Did you ever light a barbecue well in advance for being ready when your guests arrive? If yes, you may have experienced the following trouble.

Chatting continues and the “aperitif” lasts far longer than expected. The fire dwindles out.

Lighting another one will take at least an hour. In addition, you ran out of charcoal. What about using the electric oven? Well, not a bad idea, but it’s somewhat small for cooking for this whole crowd…

The barbecue Verticook® allows you to manage such a situation. The timing for starting to cook can be organised. When the glowing embers are ready in the lighting chamber (refer to the thumbnail “lighting”), the fire can optionally be set to a slow burning mode by placing lid (4) on the lighting chamber. The cross section view here below shows how the system works. You can also refer to the operating instructions.

  • (a) The fire is lit in the lighting chamber (1) with the shutters (3) being closed.
  • (b) Glowing embers are formed in the lighting chamber (1).
  • (c) If the cooking phase has to be postponed, the lid (4) is placed on top of the lighting chamber. Combustion will thereby be reduced drastically without nevertheless being stopped.  For resuming, the lid is simply removed. The hot air convection draught will reactivate combustion rapidly.
  • (d) Whenever sufficient embers have been formed, the shutters (3) are opened. This causes the embers to fall in the firebox and creates a “wall of embers”. The cooking/grilling can then start.

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