Fire shield

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The fire shield is made of a frame supporting a thin wire cloth. It fits in a parallel position between the vertical firebox and the food being grilled, for the purpose of protecting the food from the flying ashes or crackling bits that may be produced in the firebox.

The fire shield includes:

  • One supporting frame (painted carbon steel)
  • One thin mesh stainless steel cloth
  • Two hangers to be mounted on the main barbecue frame (fits into all Verticook® barbecue models)


  • Prevents the spreading of flying ashes and other small crackling charcoal pieces possibly produced in the firebox.
  • Protects the food under windy conditions
  • Can be very easily added to or removed from the hangers mounted on the barbecue without using any tool.
  • Fits to all Verticook® barbecue models


Weight 2.3 kg
Product dimension

Overall dimensions: Without the upper horizontal canopy: 57 x 38 x 7 cm With the upper horizontal canopy: 57 x 38 x 23 cm


Legal conformity guarantee of two years


Cardboard box


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