Prices for delivery

Attention: the delivery prices an times mentioned on the site are for delivery within the continental national territories (including Great Britain), excluding islands governed by or under dependency of such territories.
A specific offer must be requested from Verticook for any delivery price or time for an island.

Delivery time

The delivery times shown below are indicative. However, they represent the actual delivery time generally observed by Verticook and its carrier partners (essentially bpost for the moment)
Some definitions:

  • The “Invoice Date” is the date on which full payment of the order is received by Verticook.
    • For the online payments by credit card, the Invoice Date is identical to the order date.
    • For the off line payments by bank transfer order, the Invoice Date is the date of effective receipt of the payment.
  • The “Dispatching Date” is the date on which Verticook dispatches the order to the carrier.

The orders are dispatched by Verticook to the carrier within a period (starting on the first working day following the Invoice Date) of 2 working days.

The orders are delivered by the carrier to the purchaser within the period (starting on the first working day following the Dispatching Date) specified here below:

Zone 1: 1-2 business days
Zone 2: 2-3 business days
Zone 3: 3-4 business days
Zone 4: 4-7 business days

Definition of zones:

Zone 1: Belgium
Zone 2: Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany
Zone 3: France, Great Britain, Denmark, Austria,
Zone 4: Finland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Process and follow up of the delivery

  • Shortly after the Invoice Date, the buyer receives an e-mail with the order tracking number and the forecasted Dispatching Date.
  • The buyer can track the delivery of his order on the carrier’s website using the tracking number.

Collection on site

Ordered goods may be collected on site (Limal, Belgium) upon prior arrangement within the following time slots:

Business days: 10:00 to 21:00.
Weekends : 10:00 to 18:00.

Payments on site can only be made in cash.