Welcome to the Verticook® website.

The vertical barbecue Verticook® is healthy and convenient. It is the result of a number of experiments conducted for solving the problems associated with traditional barbecue cooking methods.

This web site will allow you to discover the numerous advantages of this unique and innovative product which revolutionises how food can be grilled outdoor.

No more harmful fumes!

Welcome to healthy grilling.

Let’s eat…. It’s diner time!

No more harmful fumes!

Let's eat…. It’s diner time!


  • Fundamentals

  • Lighting

  • Cooking

  • Plan the timing

  • Fuels

  • Storage

The firebox is made of two parallel grids and a bottom grid. In a sectional view, it has a “U” shape (a). A wood or charcoal fire is lit in the firebox. The vertical configuration allows a very intensive combustion because of the upward air convection draught (f) which appears rapidly and activates combustion. As a result, a “wall of embers” is formed (b). In addition to the hot air which is produced and evacuated upwardly, the embers (or the flames if they appear) that have been formed produce an infra red radiation (g) which is emitted in all directions, including horizontally. The food is essentially grilled by being submitted to such infra red radiation (g).

The foodstuff (d) is set vertically and parallel to the fire box between two grids or in a cage grill (c).

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Lighting a vertical barbecue is not easy.

Lighting a vertical barbecue is not easy because embers need to be generated in a particularly narrow firebox so as to reduce fuel consumption. The narrowness of the firebox makes the loading of the charcoal rather difficult. In addition, when it is lit from the bottom, the time required to propagate the fire uniformly in the fire box to generate a “wall of glowing embers” is usually long and rather unpredictable. The rate of propagation of the fire varies a lot with the size distribution of the charcoal pieces.

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Since no liquid drips on the incandescent embers, the food can be marinated at will before cooking and basted optionally during cooking.

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The timing for starting to cook can be organised. When the glowing embers are ready in the lighting chamber (refer to the thumbnail “lighting”), the fire can optionally be set to a slow burning mode by placing lid (4) on the lighting chamber. The cross section view here below shows how the system works.

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Use of various fuels

Besides charcoal, other fuels can be used in the barbecue Verticook®, such as small tree branches or logs provided that they are small enough to enter easily in the firebox. Their calorific content should be high enough (coco nut briquettesare not convenient for example).

Flames that could appear in the firebox are not a problem since the fumes evacuate upwardly and vertically. Neither the flames nor the smoke they create will come in contact with the food. Thus, there is no need to use high quality charcoal which is usually expensive.

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The barbecue Verticook does not take up a lot of room.
It can easily be stored against a wall: 24 cm are enough!

Indoor storage of a conventional barbecue is usually not very easy, in particular if its capacity is large because the storage room which is required is directly proportional to the cooking surface.

This rule does not apply to the barbecue Verticook®:

• The legs can be folded over and blocked in the folded position
• The fat dripping pans can be removed and their supporting frames collapsed vertically
• The cage grill supporting racks can be removed from their support devices

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