Assembly – Part list

The barbecue Verticook® V-101 is supplied in a cardboard box (95 cm x 36 cm x 26 cm) containing all parts to be assembled (as listed here below). Its gross weight is 28,5 Kg.

  • 2 transversal sides and their three reinforcement brackets
  • 2 vertical grids and one bottom grid that make up the fire box
  • 1 ash tray with its two support devices
  • 4 legs, two of which having plastic wheels (polypropylene, 15 cm diameter)
  • 1 wooden pulling handle
  • 2 longitudinal sides that make up the lighting chamber.
  • 2 collapsible shutters with their springs and blocking pins
  • 1 lid for regulating the combustion
  • 2 cage grill supporting racks
  • 2 cage grills (30,0 cm x 50, 5 cm) with their two lids and blocking pins (chromed steel). They can be dismantled for dishwasher washing.
  • 2 fat dripping pans (enamelled steel) and their collapsible wire frames (chromed steel)
  • 2 dividing partitions for reducing the size of the firebox and lighting chamber, and their four U shaped rods
  • Bolts, nuts and washers needed for mounting
  • Tightening wrench (14 mm)
  • 1 protection cover

The mounting instructions show how to assemble the barbecue. All that is required Is a screw driver, a pair of pliers and some patience.